Advanced Truck and Trailer Tire Repair Service

Advanced Truck and Trailer Repair brings you unmatched assistance in mending your tires for seamless driving. It is common that they get worn out over time or damaged due to any unexpected reason. That's when you need us! Our specialized truck tire repair service is all about fixing and maintaining your tires to extend their lifespan and keep them in tip-top shape. Whether patching up a puncture, balancing the tires, or ensuring they have the right amount of air pressure, our experts know how to keep your tires healthy and performing their best. So, the next time you hit the road, you can accelerate with confidence, knowing that your tires are ready for whatever adventure lies ahead.

Advanced Truck And Trailer Repairs

Turning Breakdowns into uninterrupted breakthroughs on the highway.

Truck damage, trailer degradation, engine trouble, blown-out tire, or other issues? Advanced Truck Repairs takes the frustration out of truck and tire repair. We provide quality and value to our clients with a wide range of services, addressing minor to major repair needs. We service all major engine brands, and no matter your style of truck, we got you covered.

Our fully-equipped trailer and semi truck repair shop has been established in Schaumburg, Chicago, and we serve the entire suburb, including its surrounding areas. Not just repair, we also possess specialization in preventive maintenance, ensuring your vehicle does not undergo downtimes. To validate your truck’s optimal condition, our certified mechanics utilize the computerized diagnostic system that pinpoints every visible and hidden issue.

We are committed to maximizing the convenience for our customers; thus, we also provide emergency roadside services to be your saviors when there is nowhere to go with an engine breakdown or tire puncture. As soon as you contact our semi truck repair shop, our mechanics will reach out to you in no time. We also provide other on-site repair services that save our clients’ time and energy while offering comfort.

In addition to our quick truck repair, we also devote our focus to owner-operated complete fleet maintenance. We understand how even a small timeframe of downtime can have a major impact on your company's reputation and gains. Therefore, we help to meet your business demands, minimizing your truck revival periods and maximizing your profits. Our goal is to get you back on the road with expediency and safety at the cornerstone of our services.

Let us unload your troubles by keeping your trucks moving seamlessly with loads. Schedule your truck repair with us now!

Advanced Truck Repairs

How do we repair a punctured or flat tire?

Here’s our insight on repairing punctured tires effectively to ensure they stay sealed and safe. We follow industry guidelines for all truck tire repair services; we use R.E.P.A.I.R. to break down the steps:

1. Remove the punctured tire

The initial step involves figuring out the extent of the damage for which our experts remove the tire.

2. Evaluating the damage

With the tire off the rim, we closely examine the puncture to see how big it is and what angle it's at. We also check if the puncture caused any significant damage to the tire's cords or belts.

3. Preparing the tire for puncture repair

If the tire is in good enough shape to repair, we get it ready by cleaning up the damaged area. We use a carbide cutter to remove any damaged cords or belts caused by the puncture. Then, we clean and roughen up the inner liner to help the patch or plug stick better.

4. Applying vulcanizing fluid

We put the vulcanizing fluid through the puncture and onto the roughened part of the inner liner. After that, we let it air dry for 5-10 minutes.

5. Installing repair

We insert the one- or two-piece repair through the puncture channel and make sure the patch is firmly stitched to the inner liner using a tire stitcher. This ensures there's no trapped air under the repair. We also put a thin layer of rubber sealant on the over-buffed area of the inner liner and trim any excess repair to about ¼" above the tread surface.

6. Return to Service

The tire is now ready to go back on the rim, inflated, balanced, and mounted onto the vehicle.

Why truck tire repair and maintenance is important?

1. On-road safety

Flat tires can lead to severe accidents, as lack of air leads to imbalance, which makes your truck topple and hard to drive straight. Tires with proper tread depth and inflation levels provide better traction and control, reducing the risk of accidents, especially in adverse weather conditions and difficult-to-drive roads.

2. Timely repairs save cost

Replacement costs are much higher than truck tire repair costs. Hence, getting tires repaired timely is important to save on the cost of replacing them.

3. Improved fuel efficiency

Properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency. Underinflated tires create more rolling resistance, meaning the engine must work harder and consume more fuel.

4. Load Carrying Capacity

Trucks are designed to carry heavy loads, and their tires play a vital role in distributing and supporting that weight. Ensuring that tires are in good condition and properly inflated helps maintain the truck's load-carrying capacity and stability.

Why choose Advanced Truck and Trailer Tire Repair Service?

Advanced Truck Repairs

1. Immediate roadside tire repair assistance

Stranded in the middle of the road with a flat tire? We are just a call away! Our truck and trailer repair team comes on the spot immediately to replace and repair your flattened tires. This convenience minimizes the time you would spend getting your truck towed to the repair shop and swiftly getting your truck back on the road.

2. Major truck tire brands available

Different vehicles require different tires to match long-haul transportation, off-road applications, or any other need during transportation. We have tires for all major truck tire brands to suit your needs, including Duck Commander, Cooper, Hankook, and more.

3. Complete fleet maintenance efficiency

Need maintenance services for your business trucks and trailers? Visit us! We offer complete fleet vehicle optimization to ensure they operate at their highest level of performance while minimizing downtime and operational costs.

4. Extensive area coverage for mobile services

Our mobile services are available in Cook County and the surrounding areas, ensuring that we can reach you when and where you need assistance.

Other Services we provide at Advanced Truck and Trailer Repair

Advanced Truck and Trailer Repair does not only offer truck tire repair. We provide a range of other essential services to keep your commercial vehicles in top condition. Here are some of the additional repair services we provide:

  • Electrical
  • Steering And Suspension
  • Cooling Systems
  • Brake Systems
  • Computerized Testing
  • Transmission
  • Maintenance Tune-Ups
  • Ac And Heating
  • Engine Repair


It's unsafe to drive on a flat tire. You should avoid going more than a short distance, like a few hundred yards. Moving slowly and staying away from the busy road is better until you can stop safely.

Where the tire is punctured and how bad the damage is usually determines whether you should fix it or buy a new one. If there is a small hole in the tread (not bigger than a quarter-inch or 6mm), a basic truck tire repair should work just fine. You should get a new tire in case of a puncture bigger than this or multiple punctures.

If your tire keeps losing air with no visible hole or puncture, it could be due to a slow leak around the valve stem, a damaged or corroded wheel rim, a damaged tire bead, or a problem with the tire's inner lining.

The service life of a truck tire depends on various factors, including the type of tire, the vehicle's usage, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained truck tire can last anywhere from 3 to 6 years or more, after which it should be replaced.

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